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About Singapore SEO Education

The aim of SEO is simple – to increase your visibility online. This visibility should translate to sales through increased brand awareness, leads, and the trust within your company that visibility brings. Our school strives to offer SEO training solutions by equipping you with skills needed to carry out a successful SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessary part of any business’ Internet Marketing strategy. If your website fails to appear on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords, it can be somewhat difficult to sell your products or services online. SEO Training is a proven method that gives your employees the expertise and know-how they require to effectively manage the SEO strategies that will see your website climb all the way to the top position on Google. We teach your staff the very best SEO techniques that are proven to direct quality traffic to your website and will have a dramatic effect on improving your online sales.

Gain a developed understanding of how Google operates

Discover how to utilize targeted keywords that locates customers who are ready to purchase from you

Use Google Analytics and other online tools to recognize new customers and business prospects

Learn how to correctly configure everything on your website including the text on page

Uncover what your competitors are doing better, and how you can beat them

Become well-versed in the HTML codign of your website to make it cleaner, clearer and faster

Learn from a qualified instructor who uses similar SEO practices, successfully, on a daily basis

Search Engine Optimization Training is not just for organisations wishing to oversee their SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) operations in house. Outsourcing your SEO requirements to an external company can be seen as taking a huge risk, especially if you’re unsure how they will optimize your website, or how to monitor the success of their SEO campaign. Outsourcing is also expensive. However, with the skills that our training offers you, you will not only be able to identify quality SEO work but also be able to do it yourself. With our training, you will feel comfortable to do you own SEO work.

Enrolling in one of our SEO Training Courses provides you with the confidence you require to be able to keep an eye on the progress of your SEO firm. It will also ensure that all the work you are paying for is actually going to benefit you.

It is important to learn SEO from qualified professionals that have experience in the industry. Our tutors have extensive experience in the market and continue to work in the SEO industry. They not only understand SEO but also the evolution that takes place in the industry almost every day. They understand the direction the industry is going in and they will take you there.

Our courses are designed such that each level caters for a specific group of people. The courses offer both basic and advanced lessons in SEO. These courses can be taken by individuals operating a business or people that want to offer SEO services to other businesses.

Our goal is to ensure that the training we offer to our students helps them succeed online. Our lessons are practical and can be applied by students to get website traffic by improving their websites’ rankings on SERPs.

Just listen to our satisfied customers:

This is by far the best SEO coaching course I've ever attended. I can't wait to get back to work and start making the most of what I've learnt!

Daniel Wormald 2012