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SEO Training

The tuition you obtain at www.seo.edu.sg is more than just theoretical. Our expert mentors offer hands on training and are all practicing SEO consultants. They therefore use the same techniques that they teach with great success for our own customers. Our association with the online industry also allows us to provide our students with the most up to date and innovation optimization techniques as they are discovered and released. You can therefore be sure that the SEO Training your employees receive is of the highest relevance and quality.

We take a different approach in SEO training. We believe that our courses should equip you to solve problems in real online marketing situations. This is the reason why our training is both practical and theoretical. Our teachers are not just instructors but mentors for our students. This is because most of them are experts with over 10 years experience in SEO and offer these services every day to their clients.

We have different packages that students can choose from. The packages are suitable for beginners and advanced learners. Students choose the suitable packages depending on their level of understanding of SEO. Our goal is to ensure that you receive a complete SEO course during the training that will ensure that you:

  1. Understand search engine optimisation and what it involves
  2. Apply innovative SEO skills in your online marketing strategies
  3. Learn to drive and convert traffic to a website into sales
  4. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of SEO


Full day's SEO training, on-site i.e. delivered at your place of business.

Tailored course structure, identifying strategies which work in your industry.

Comprehensive overview of Search Engine Optimisation allowing you to take SEO in-house.

FREE access to our online membership area.

3 months FREE after-training support.

Courses delivered nationwide.

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Public SEO training courses delivered at select locations nationwide.

Full and comprehensive SEO course structure, the course is delivered over one full day.

3 months FREE after-training support.

FREE access to our online membership area.

A full overview of Search Engine Optimisation, giving you the skills and technical expertise to take SEO in-house.

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Bespoke SEO training packages for businesses and organisations looking to spread tutelage over a longer period.

The course structure will cover off all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation.

Tailored after-training support packages and consultation to meet your requirements.

Discount on all link building packages and additional services.

FREE access to our online membership area.

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SEO Training Courses Personalized to Your Needs

SEO Training is only beneficial if you can apply your brand-new knowledge to your own search engine optimisation and marketing efforts. Our SEO training sessions are kept to manageable groups of 5 or so students. Our coaches therefore have the opportunity to modify the course to every students’ internet marketing requirements. This allows us to spend more time covering subjects that will be highly important to your own particular search optimization campaign and less time on matters that are not applicable to you. We try to make each course feel more consultative than a traditional classroom setting. All questions and queries are appreciated and in fact encouraged.

Search Engine Marketing Training and More!

Search Engine Optimization is a key element of the entire of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) field. Our training courses cover all SEO topics and major Search Marketing areas of expertise: Pay Per Click (PPC) training, eBay Optimisation and Social Media Marketing Training. Search engine optimisation is dynamic. The techniques that worked yesterday might not be effective today. This is the reason why we strive to keep up with the ever changing SEO industry. Our training is updated continually to reflect the changes that are taking place in the industry.

Following the completion of each course you will collect an approved SEO certificate through email. After the conclusion of the course you may have further questions or queries for our tutors. They are only too happy to help you with whatever your enquiry may be. They will provide you with the latest SEO advice to keep you up to date in the online world.

SEO and SEM Training Course Details

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