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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Although SEO seems an interesting word for those, who does not understand what is an SEO. However, it is not only interesting, but also it has several and countless dimensions. It is not just an acronym, which stands for Search Engine Optimization; but this acronym makes significance on your online presence and business objectives. If you are not related to ecommerce or do not have any association with internet and online business, then SEO is nothing for you. However, if you are a prominent businessperson and want to extend your business to unlimited possibilities and different continents then you must aware what an SEO is. Nonetheless, we imagine here that you do not know what an SEO is or you are new to SEO world.

Traditional business and online business

It has been mentioned that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. People want this process, when they want to highlight their business’ online presence. SEO experts use a technique is implemented to obtain better search engine ranking among search engine’s standing. Definitely, several people do the similar business in the market and they all want to extend their businesses. In traditional market, businesspersons take help from traditional media such as newspapers, TV, radio etc. However, when a businessperson develops a website to do online business, he/she competes with other online businesspersons. Therefore, he/she wants high visibility on search pages and usually tries to get a place on first page. Logically, not every searcher of product goes beyond the first page unless the searcher does not find his/her required results on the first page of search engines. Clearly, search engine optimization experts help the businessperson’s website to achieve a better place (that can be without doubt first page) in search results.

This shows the importance of SEO in digital and online marketing. The searchers of the web try to find relevant content and information. Thus, if you are unable to provide this information then your site is worthless.

What is visibility?

Whether it is traditional marketing or online marketing, both have the similar purpose to make people aware what you are promoting or selling. SEO is the reciprocal of traditional marketing. Thence, on the screen of the web you write, “Look, what I am selling or I am selling what you need.” If this slogan is written on the tenth page, nobody would care what you are selling. Only an expert SEO can do more visible your site.

White, black and grey hat SEOs

An SEO can be black hat, white hat and grey hat. A black hat is inclusive of wrong and unethical practices, a white hat uses ethical practices and grey hat implements questionable techniques in affordable prices. Mostly, SEO companies practices grey hat SEO because clients want results. Definitely, black hat and grey hat produce results but specifically for black hat techniques, these results are not long lasting and burst after sometime.