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Who should do SEO!

Search engine optimization is not easy and not everyone can perform it. Therefore, you must always think who can do the SEO more powerfully and efficiently. Unquestionably, you cannot do this job yourself. This job requires technical expertise and knowledge of the following:

  1. Using long-tail keywords
  2. How to redirect pages
  3. How to handle duplicate content
  4. Mod_rewrite with .htaccess
  5. Link power and how it works (PageRank)
  6. Link metrics
  7. Methods of link building
  8. Essential knowledge of penalties
  9. Knowledge and ability to set up backlink generator
  10. Understanding the supplemental results
  11. Fundamentals of PHP / MySQL
  12. Statistics
  13. Competitive Research
  14. Web Design / Web Development
  15. HTML
  16. CSS
  17. Web Development/Web Designing
  18. Search engines work’s knowledge
  19. Keyword Research
  20. Trust with Google
  21. Knowing and understanding on-page factors
  22. Expertise and skill to write and craft Link baits
  23. Indispensable knowledge of the social networks

Who can do the job?

Definitely, you cannot have all such knowledge and skills. Specific people, who have spent their lives in learning and developing these skills, can do only this kind of technical work.

Therefore, you will have to find a person and team of SEO experts that can perform your SEO work with excellence and have the above-mentioned skills and expertise. Definitely, to find an SEO company with all the mentioned qualities is not easy. You will have to do great labor to funnel out all the useless companies and it would consume a great deal of time. Therefore, you should do some online research to find the best SEO Company in your area. Definitely, local search will help you, significantly.

An SEO consultant

If you are able to find an excellent search engine optimization consultant then you have greater chances of online visibility and this is the sign of your business’ growth. An SEO consultant is a skilled and experienced person, who knows every aspect of search engine optimization. He/she is able to improve the visibility of your website, rankings, website traffic. This would lead to greater sales and productivity.

What an SEO consultant can do?

First, he/she would examine and analyze your goals, target audience, marketing strategy and evaluate the strength of your existing website. Second, he/she would offer recommendations according to his/her researches and evaluations. Obviously, you would have to follow the recommendations and you may have to change some aspects to enhance website’s presentation, marketing changes, SEO strategies transformations and any combination of all of these. Finally, he/she would start working and minimize all the weaknesses of your website and online presence. In this regard, he/she would strengthen your existing keywords, utilize HTML, add some videos after optimization, get develop new and more informative contents for your website. There are various methods and techniques that the consultant may use according to his/her judgment or SWOT analysis.